April 26, 2010

Camryn & Nicholas

Camryn is a little model, so natural and loves the camera. Every frame was "CHEEEESSSEEE!!!" She is adorable and so naturally beautiful! & Nicholas; such a handsome Italian baby boy!


April 22, 2010

...all that we love...

...we can never loose...

"What we have once enjoyed..."

For my Digital Arts Minor.
Memories. Old Images. New Images.
Parts of life that work together to tell a story of the portraits past taken.

Feedback is awesome!! Enjoy!
This is my favorite image so far.




My cousin Danielle; she's 17 by the way. Ya, she looks older. Modeled for me yesterday for my portraiture class. She was a good model, helps that she looks like one! She got the good genes!!! No but, I love how these came out, with her awesome big brown eyes and green dress and grass!!! Love it! Thanks Danni!!

April 12, 2010

Little cousins are growing up...

My baby cousins are getting so old, and it is making me feel older.
But here is a recent picture of them from our Easter egg hunt last weekend!!!
They are too cute!

Nicole Lynne Photography © 2010

Thomas is one and a half now!

Thomas is 1 &1/2 now, I photographed his 1st birthday back in the fall, and he is getting so big! I love him, he's so full of life and loves running around. It's so weird to watch little kids grow up, and how they change so much in a few months. Love this lil' guy though!!!

Nicole Lynne Photography © 2010

Kamryn; the other love of my life.

Kamryn is 3 months old and loves life. She is so adorable and I loved taking her pictures, and will most likely be taking them for the rest of her life, and I am so excited!!

Nicole Lynne Photography ©2010

April 1, 2010

Ayva Lynne

Ayva Lynne. 4 Months old.
I am in love with this little girl, she is so happy and loves the camera. such a good model.
©Nicole Lynne Photography 2010