May 8, 2011

My Little Bro Won Prom King!

So Friday night my bro, Matthew, had his Junior prom and of course I snapped a few pictures of him and his friends before they ventured off for the night. And along with the Bruins big win! He was crowned King!! Yes, I'm the proud big sister, haha! But here are a few pics to enjoy!! xo -Nicole

Quinn thought he was going to prom apparently, haha. they're funny!

Matthew and my parents

Matthew and Shauna struggling to put on flowers

after they figured it out!

Matthew & his boys. They grew up too quick.

Prom King and his princes.


Matthews last picture I got to snap before he told me he was "Done taking pictures." lol

May 1, 2011

Court and Cailey!

This afternoon I photographed Court and Cailey. They wanted to do something different for Mother's Day. And Court loves having her picture taken so she dragged Cailey along.  Glad they did this, Carl-a is going to love them!!! So enjoy girls!! and Happy Mother's Day -next weekend- to all you mom's out there!! xoxoxo

It's a Heart <3 haha!

Court and her typical pose. =]

B, Katie & Brian- Green Harbor.

This morning I photographed Katie and her boys at Green Harbor Beach. We had a blast; kinda windy but Brian loved the beach. Isn't he so handsome... Here are just a few of my favorites I'd like to share! Enjoy!!! Happy May!!! xo - Nicole