April 22, 2013

Lacey & Eric 4/13/13 -Boston Wedding Photographer-

Good Afternoon friends-
So you may have seen a few previews of Eric and Lacey that I have posted over the past week... And you have to agree with me when I say, These two are perfect together. I can say that having meet them 3 times, They are so beautiful and perfectly in love. I had a blast photographing you both, it makes any photographers job a million times easier when you don't even have to pose your bride and groom. Natural love and comfort is amazing. 
Thank you both so much for having me be a part of your special day! I am so happy for both of you. Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes while saying your vows. And Lacey, your big, loud, "I DO" was awesome!

Ok enough I know, here are a few of my favorites from Lacey and Eric's ceremony and group photos.
Enjoy everyone!







April 11, 2013

The Eshner's!

Wow, it's 6pm! Where did the day go! Got a lot done, and meatballs are in the oven, hope they taste as good as they smell.... I'm becoming domesticated one day at a time... Only took me a few minutes earlier to figure out how the swiffer worked, hehe!

But anyways, last weekend I photographed my lovely friends Sammy and Mike, with their kids Kylee and Michael. The weather was perfect, not too cold for the lil' guy! We just did a quick photoshoot in my backyard. I hope I played it off that I was going to be "washing floors" on a Saturday night, Mike! 
Mike's birthday was last week, so hoping you the happiest birthday! I had fun celebrating with you and Sammy that night! 
So Sammy had asked me to take a family photo a while back, I was pumped, because one Sammy and Mike have been together for what it feels like, FOREVER, ok since I was in 7th grade, so 01/02? Yes, high school "sweethearts"! So needless to say, I had never photographed their little family. Michael was 6 months this past week, Time flies! And you know you're getting old when you're friends are starting to have their 2nd child! haha
No but really love you guys, and I'm so proud of you both. Sammy I'll be there for you everyday of this upcoming deployment. Mike- "stay low" as my dad said! 400 days will fly by. 
So here are my favorites from Saturdays session! 

love you all


How cute is this.....
(driving home from soccer last night, we (Me, J + K) were discussing how amazing it is that you two are still so in love and can still make each other laugh this much... 
13 years later. Love you guys

April 6, 2013

Meet Miss Madison Leigh!

Hi everyone!!! Beautiful Saturday to introduce to you all Miss Madison Leigh! This is her blog debut on her one week birthday! You guys may remember Amanda from my blog post Maternity session or her baby shower!
Madison and her momma, Amanda, came over yesterday for her newborn session. She was a perfect angel for the entire 3 hours we hung out! 
I cannot believe she is finally here! It's amazing to me, every time I see a newborn. It's even more amazing when I used to babysit her momma, Amanda! 
Amanda- watching you grow up over the years, you have grown into a beautiful young woman. I'm proud of you. I'm excited to watch Miss Madison grow with you!

No more sob, Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday!

Love you both!

xo Nicole