May 8, 2013

Brian's 1st Communion

Last weekend was my little cousin/godson's 1st holy communion. Somehow I got him to stand still for a couple of family photos! He did at one point tell me, "No more, that's enough"... meaning pictures... it's like he doesn't know by now.. haha
I cannot believe how big/old he is getting. Actually all three of the boys, my "baby" cousins. Not so much baby anymore.
Anyways, heres a few pictures from the other day, Enjoy!

Kylee's 1st Communion

Sweet little Kylee is growing up way too quick... Last weekend she had her 1st Holy Communion. How beautiful does she look, in her mama's communion dress.

Hope you enjoyed your day Ky, love you!


"B" Siblings

Hey! It's been a little while since I last blogged, life gets a head of you sometimes!
Just wanted to share a few images from my session last week with these siblings. Hope their mom loves them for Mother's Day! Always fun, thanks guys! Enjoy!