April 22, 2011

Nathan, 9 months!!! Already!

Nathan, my other boyfriend- is 9 months on Sunday (Easter!). I cannot believe he is 9 months already! He is growing up too fast!! I just love this kid so much! Happy Birthday Nate!!  Love always!



Baxter Kids!

Yesterday after I shot Taylor in her First Communion dress, we did a few with her and her brothers! They were so loving and photogenic! Had fun shooting them, and trying to get their crazy dog into a picture or two! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did and enjoyed your school vacation!! Enjoy!!! 


Taylor; First Communion.

Yesterday I shot Taylor in her beautiful First Communion dress and vail.  At first she was a little shy and nervous, but after a few shots she started to have fun, after the serious ones were over with. Here are just a few of my favorites! Enjoy! -Nicole



April 18, 2011

Mommy-to-be; Erin!

So Saturday morning, before Erin's baby shower, we did a maternity session. 
How cute and happy is she! Baby Emma is going to be beautiful, and I cannot wait to meet her!! Erin is my boyfriends cousin, so baby Emma better get used of my camera real quick!
Congrats Erin, (and Ryan!)!!!



April 5, 2011

Johanna & Angel; 4/2/11.

Saturday, April 2, 2011. I shot my first wedding!!!

Overall a beautiful night! After the months of built up nerves had left my body I realized I wasn't the one getting married so I shouldn't be nervous!!! God help that day, eek!

The ceremony, hall, reception, guests and bride and groom all looked beautiful!!
You can always tell when two people are perfect together!

Congrats Johanna & Angel!!! Thank you so much for letting me join you in your "big day"!!!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon!! See you when you get home!
Here are a few of my favorites!!! =]
Enjoy! -Nicole

She thought she had too much make-up on. not at all, Johanna you're beautiful.

Dad and the girls real quick before getting married.

one of my favorites.

Dad tearing up, so sweet.



Mr. & Mrs. Vasquez

Bobby, Robert Anthony and Gemma.

simple. classy. beautiful.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Vasquez!