May 27, 2010

Case Study

So here is a link to my website to see an animation of how I did a few of my Memory images from my Digital Arts Portfolio: Enjoy!!!!!!

May 26, 2010

May 12, 2010

Ayva's 1st Tub!!

Ayva took her 1st tub today & was nice enough to let me come photograph!!! She only took a few face dives in the water, but she did really good holding herself up and splashing around. I think she was more curious as to why Mama was in the tub with her!! So cute tho, I'm in love with her! She's getting so big!! Thanks Erin for letting me join!!! Hope you like!! -Nicole

May 10, 2010

Grace is turning 1!!!

How adorable is she!!!
Grace will be 1 on May 18th!
You could never tell that she was hungry, tired and crying the whole time! haha, no but love her. She is getting so big! It's so weird to watch her grow! I feel like yesterday she was just born!!! Congrats Erik & Nina again! & Thanks for letting me take her birthday pictures! Cake ones will be up soon!