April 6, 2013

Meet Miss Madison Leigh!

Hi everyone!!! Beautiful Saturday to introduce to you all Miss Madison Leigh! This is her blog debut on her one week birthday! You guys may remember Amanda from my blog post Maternity session or her baby shower!
Madison and her momma, Amanda, came over yesterday for her newborn session. She was a perfect angel for the entire 3 hours we hung out! 
I cannot believe she is finally here! It's amazing to me, every time I see a newborn. It's even more amazing when I used to babysit her momma, Amanda! 
Amanda- watching you grow up over the years, you have grown into a beautiful young woman. I'm proud of you. I'm excited to watch Miss Madison grow with you!

No more sob, Here are a few of my favorites from yesterday!

Love you both!

xo Nicole



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